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Best Document Automation Software

How We Review Document Automation Software

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Our reviews are transparent, consistent, and fair

So far we have compared eight popular document automation software packages. We've assessed their automation software using these criteria:

Criteria to Assess Document Automation Software

  1. Can I Include Whatever I Want in My Documents?
  2. Will My Documents Look How I Want?
  3. How Long Will it Take to Learn the Software?
  4. Will my IT Team Consider the Software Secure?
  5. Is the Software Well Maintained?
  6. Which Sectors Use the Software?
  7. If I Need Training and Support, Will the Company Help?
  8. Will the company's Sales Process Focus on Me?
  9. If I Switch Software, Can I Take My Data With Me?

All of our reviews are based on these nine criteria. We work hard to apply them objectively.

We give equal placement to each software package

There is something for everyone among the document automation software pacakges we review. Each software package has something valuable to offer. We therefore randomize the order of appearance of the various software reviews to encourage potential users to consider each one before deciding which is right for them.

Something to consider...

There is a lot of great document automation software on the market. Narrow your search by deciding which one or two features you must have, then try a couple software packages that meet those criteria.