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How We Review Document Automation Software

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What is this website?

We review document automation software. We do that for two reasons:

First, we want to help innovative-minded professionals find the best document automation software for their team's specific use cases. Every team is different — including how you work and what kind of customers you serve — and we think there is a perfect document automation solution for you!

Second, we aim to celebrate the great achievements and exciting features that different document automation software companies bring to the market. Document automation is a rich ecosystem that is quickly innovating. Each software package we review offers unique strengths that we want to share with the world!

Are companies listed in any order?

No, the listing order is random for each page refresh. That's fair to people who are shopping for document automation software because every software package we review is high quality and has unique and valuable features that are worthy of your consideration.

How does this website pay its bills?

We fund the cost of operating this website with occasional referral fees paid by software vendors. When you, as a purchaser, click on a link to one of the document automation software providers on this website, we sometimes earn a referral fee (but not always -- it depends on the vendor). The better we match document automation users with the right software for them, the better we can cover this website's costs, and that keeps our incentives aligned with the software user's.

Does this website accept payments for document automation software to be reviewed?

No, we don't accept money in exchange for reviewing software. We review high quality software packages that offer useful and unique features for users. The document automation sector is a fascinatingly diverse ecosystem, so we aim to increase the number of reviews over time. If you're a software vendor and want a review on this website, please email us to ask. We can't promise we'll to include it, but if we do we'll appreciate your software's great features and be honest about where it could be better!

Does this website accept advertisements?

No we don't accept advertisements.

Who runs this website?

Document automation enthusiasts who use and love a wide range of document automation software both professionally and personally.

I'm a software vendor and want to tell you about a new software package or cool feature you should highlight. Who should I contact?

Please email support [at] documentautomationreviews [dot] com

I'm a software vendor and want to display my award. Can I do that?

Yes! Copy code and social media snippets here.

Something to consider...

While it may initially seem unimportant if a document automation provider already has a lot of clients in your sector, remember that software is always evolving. You'll be in the best position going forward if the software vendor is evolving the software in your direction, and the easiest way to do that is to use a provider who has a lot of clients in your sector.