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Best Document Automation Software

Comparison of Document Automation Software

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Metric Epsillion Upslide Woodpecker HotDocs Dox42
Can I Include Whatever I Want in My Documents?
Insert dynamic text
Insert certain content only when a criterion is met
Dynamic numbers, charts, and tables from Excel source
Generate multiple documents at once (batch processing)
Use looping variabls during batch processing
Will My Documents Look How I Want?
Professional, design-quality PDF output
Brand compliance features
How Long Will it Take to Learn the Software?
Software integrates with Microsoft Office
Will my IT Team Consider the Software Secure?
Website mentions security features
Is the Software Well-Maintained?
Addins look like they belong in latest Microsoft Office versions
Microsoft Office addins work with high definition screens
Will the company's Sales Process Focus on Me?
Money back guarantee 90 days None specified on website None specified on website None specified on website None specified on website
Free proof of concept
Free trial 14 days Length not specified on website 14 days Length not specified on website 30 days
Free live demo
If I Switch Software, Can I Take My Data With Me?
Data is portable to another automation provider

Something to consider...

If brand compliance is important to your company, the eligible group of document automation companies narrows considerably. Ask each company for a sample of the output you can expect to get from their software from day one.